Water Quality | AIS Update for 2019

Hopefully all property owners on Maple Lake are concerned about the Water Quality of the lake. We are fortunate to be the first lake in the Mill Creek Watershed and have a relatively small surrounding area that drains into Maple Lake. All water flowing out of Maple Lake down Mill Creek through several Lakes to the Crow River than to the Mississippi and down to the Gulf of Mexico are in some way affected by the water quality of Maple Lake. Let’s try to be good neighbors.

MLLPOA continues to monitor Water Quality with weekly water clarity readings through the boating season. These are quite good at 10-12 ft. on the two big bays and 5-7ft on Little Maple most of the summer. Monthly water samples are taken and sent for analysis through Wright County Soil and Water.

Annual AIS (Aquatic Invasive Species) surveys and treatments are done each year. MLLPOA and Soil and Water Service also work together on runoff issues and from surrounding land entering the lake.

AIS have been a persistent issue for the past ten years and that will continue to be in the future. Eurasian Water Milfoil (EWM) and Curly Leaf Pond Weed (CLP) are present throughout the lake in varying densities. Chemical treatment of these invasives is expensive and not always as effective as we would desire. It is important to seek new ways to treat these plants such as hand pulling which is more environmentally friendly than chemical apps, but still lacks in supportive data at this time. New chemicals are regularly approved and may be tried in select area. The fall vegetation survey noted 85acres of the lake having EWM present. Treatment plans for 2018 will depend on funds available after the Fishing Derby. Being vigilant to prevent Zebra Mussels from entering Maple Lake is probably the most critical issue at this time and into the future.

Now that the LID (Lake Improvement District) has been approved for Maple Lake by the County Commissioners, funding for AIS treatment and other projects focused on improving the Water Quality of Maple Lake should be greatly enhanced. It has been two years with NO Income from the Fishing Derby. With good planning and administration the LID funding should insure there is financial security to keep Maple Lake’s Water Quality in great shape. The LID funds will be available for 2019 projects and beyond.

Share your ideas and concerns by emails to the contacts on our website committee. Our calendar also has planned meetings you can attend.