Walleye Stocking 2020

The DNR completed their stocking program in Maple Lake on Friday October 9, 2020.  This year the fish were released into Little Maple.  The amount of fish was 396 pounds.  This amount is based on the littoral zone of the lake which is 396 acres.  The stocking program calls for 1 pound of fingerling Walleye per acre.

The MN DNR defines “Littoral Zone” as the shallow transition zone between dry land and the open water area of the lake. In Minnesota waters, the littoral zone extends from the shore to a depth of about 15 feet, depending on water clarity. The shallow water, abundant light, and nutrient-rich sediment provide ideal conditions for plant growth. Aquatic plants, in turn, provide food and habitat for many animals such as fish, frogs, birds, muskrats, turtles, insects, and snails.

Mike Polencheck works with the MN DNR to bring this program to Maple Lake.  The lake association is on an “every other year” cycle with the DNR.  As you recall, the ML-LPOA paid for Walleye stocking in 2019.  This year, the DNR paid for the stock.  In 2021 the ML-POA will pay.

October 2019
400lbs of Walleye fingerling were introduced to Maple Lake at the Hwy 55 Beach access.

*Future stocking plans include MN DNR stocking our lake with Walleye Fry on even years. And MLLPOA stocking fingerling on odd years

Summer 2016
MLLPOA met with the MN DNR

Lake Management Plan

600lbs of Walleye fingerling were introduced to Maple Lake

2020 Walleye Stocking Maple Lake MLLPOA
2020 Walleye Stocking Maple Lake MLLPOA
MLLPOA Walleye Stocking Maple Lake